Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holidays and Illness

I had ever intention of posting on Christmas to wish you all a Merry Christmas but the day got so busy it didn't happen.   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day and I wish you every good thing in the coming new year!!!

Due to kids being home and a very sick baby  Matching Mondays will have tomorrow off.   I apologize.  Spencer has a horrible virus and I am worried we will end up at the hosptial.  I am keeping a close eye on him tonight and will be driving to PCMC if needed.  If we make it through the night with no night drive to the hosptial we will be seeing his doctor tomorrow.  

I have been so good about being careful with Spencer....for a while I didn't even let Camden go to nursery at church...but then I saw he needed that so I let him go.   Camden came down with an illness a few days ago...and now Spencer has it.   I guess I need to go back to being a hermit.   I LOVE the holidays...but I am truly looking forward to April when the illnesses seem to clear away and summer is right around the corner.   I normally don't wish for summer but I am looking forward to it this time.

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