Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Music

5 days left
Music is a big part of my life.   I come from a musical family.  I enjoy singing and now that I am 36 I wish I would have done more with my talent.   I guess we all have feelings like that... it seems to take maturity to realize how much some things mean to us.   My favorite time of year to sing is Christmas other music compares.    It is special!    I guess this is why I start playing Christmas music in is why I don't get upset when the radio stations start playing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving.    I say the more, the earlier....the better!

I love almost all Christmas music....with the exception of Transiberian Orchestra....I HATE the way they play Christmas music.  It makes me grouchy when Brad plays it. 

My favorite Christmas CDs are:





This list could go on a while.

Some of my favorite songs include:
O Holy Night
Silent Night
I'm Dreaming of  White Christmas
Do you Hear what I Hear
Where are you Christmas
gosh....again too many to list.

One song sticks out in my mind always....Silver Bells.   My Mom and I would sing this song in the car while we were out and about.  I would sing the melody and she would sing the harmony.   Then sometimes when we were really silly we would try really hard to sing off key and make it sound really sick.  We would laugh and laugh about it.   Sounds strange I know but it was fun and I have always remember those times with my Mom.

Thanks Mom...for being willing to be silly!


Unknown said...

i agree. christmas music is the best! i like your favorites! i start w/ music nov. 1 and go until the middle of jan. :)

Shian said...

I can't stand Transiberian Christmas music either, yuck! My favorite Christmas album is Jewel's.