Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Cards

I LOVE Christmas!
There are many things that make this my favorite time of year.
Over the next 10 days (counting today) I wanted to countdown to that glorious day by sharing what makes Christmas special to me.

10 days left
Cards and Letters
I love snail mail...there is something about going out to the box in the afternoon and opening the door and finding things addressed to myself. I don't love bills....but I love to receive letters, pictures, newsletters and sale ads.
Weird right?

The best time for mail is Christmas time. I love seeing the handwritten envelopes with the cute stickers or stamps.; It makes me smile before I even open it up.   I enjoy seeing pictures of family and friends and reading their Christmas letter updates. In this busy world we live in it is easy to forget to keep in touch with loved ones.

After each card is opened and read we tape it up on a door in our house. By the time New Years Eve arrives the door is usually very full of colorful cards and pictures. It is a great reminder that my family is not alone and we are part of a bigger picture.

I have to admit it
it has been some time since we have sent Christmas cards and a family letter so today I am stuffing evelopes with our card and letter to make sure we don't transgress yet another year.  I am also making a mental note to order more cards next year....I thought 50 would be enough.   I feel blessed to say we have more than 50 families and friends we love.
This realization is a gift all on its own.

I hope your mailbox is filled with letters of love this year!

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Heather said...

I completely agree with you! I LOVE getting cards and seeing everyone's beautiful families and greetings:)

Merry Christmas!!!