Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Decorations

9 days left
I enjoy decorations anytime of year but the holiday season brings an abundance of eye catching items.  Who doesn't love the gold, red, silver, blue, plum and my newer favorites....the bright colors that seem to be the "in" thing to decorate with.   I love it all!!!

Each year we start decorating right after Thanksgiving....but this year I decided I wanted to do it earlier.   I was so excited to use a new product on our tree...only it turns out I didn't buy enough of it.   Each year I have this idea in my mind of how I want the tree to look...but each year I fall short big time!!!!!   Then the day after I decorated it has been all redone by my 3 year old so I realize  it is ok that I didn't get it right after all.  :)

We decorate throughout the favorite it above the cabinets.   It is a frustrating process but the end result usually makes me happy.
Our family really enjoys the festive feeling that decorations bring.

Our family also enjoys going out and seeing the decorations in retail stores and other places we visit during the month of December.   I have a personal fetish for platters, plates and bowls....why not decorate the food as well!!!   I am currenlty eyeing up a really cute candy cane platter at target...I think if I pass it one more time I might find myself purchasing it at the checkstand.

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