Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Babies

8 days left
Who doesn't love babies?  Brad and I have just finished a very long 15 year journey to find "our" babies.   One of our special babies was placed with us when he was 8 months old....exactly on the day he turned 8 months old.   His story is very special to has blessed us with the understanding that the Lord know the end from the begining and that He will prepare every needful thing.   Today 3 years ago exactly Samantha placed Camden in our my arms.   In 2006 we had had a rough year with a failed placement that took a whole year to process.   I remember I put down on my IM message line that "I want a baby for Christmas".   I never imagined it would happen.   Camden is our Christmas baby.    Today I have thought of Samantha and count her as one of my greatest blessings.   She is amazing!!!!

This year we have a new baby to celebrate and I have thought back at all of my babies 1st Christmases....each one was special.   My babies are growing but the magic of seeing them running around our house, being excited about Christmas always brings me complete joy!!!!   I am so thankful to have 4 babies.

There is another baby...the reason for this special holiday.   Without this special baby there would be no forgivness, redemption.....I love this baby and what He did when He grew up.    I love what He does for me today....everyday!
My favorite thing about Christmas is this special baby...Jesus Christ....My Lord and Savior!

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