Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lil' something for the Twilight Lovers.

I get the "Parents" magazine each month.
While I was sitting in my regular unmentionable reading spot I was thumbing through and starting reading the last page.  It is called "baby bloopers".   The following is my favorite so far.    If someone reads this 100 years from now they will have no idea why this little girl said this ...which makes it even funnier to me.
Hope you like.

"A Supernatural Talent
Ava, 5, was playing baseball in the backyard with her counsins.  When it was her first turn at bat, she got all excited and exclaimed, "next I get to be the vampire!"  Rachel Mathis; Tallahassee, Forida


Heather said...

LOL! That IS great!
(what caught my eye is that I'm in Tallahassee and you never see anyone type that city.)

Hope you're feeling better today;)

Heather said...
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