Friday, January 29, 2010

Crayon Roll

I have a great appreciation for brilliant people....especially these incredible women who are so creative and talented and share their talent with others.   I have been coming across many great blogs with cute and fun ideas.   I found this little item a while ago and today I actually made two of them.  This is a huge deal for me....sewing machines and patterns intimidate me big time!   But today I had so much fun!   The women in my ward (church congregation) get together every Friday and work on sewing I joined in and had a wonderful day!!!!  It is so nice to be out and talking with other adults.   It has been too long...5 months to be exact.  I loved every minute of it.   And I left feeling like sewing might not be so hard.  :)  I am making these crayon rolls for my kids for Easter.  
So shh don't tell!


Erin said...

Kayla said that your crayon rolls turned out really cute! The crayon rolls ar awesome! I made for Delphia and it makes it so easy to take crayons somewhere. Glad you had fun at sewing class!

Leslie said...

Cute! I want to try them! Maybe you can give me a tutorial? :)