Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally, an answer...well maybe.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I have been dealing with weird symptoms.   After extensive testing no answers were found.  This is good because it means I don't have anything like MS.   But it is hard to feel things everyday and wonder what is going on.   I went back to my primary doctor and she had some insight no one else seemed to.   Basically if I don't take care of myself now I am on track for having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   So I guess I am kind of "pre" CFS.   She is helping me take steps to heal and stay away from a full blow case.   One of those things is yoga.   So I am reaching out to all of you asking...which yoga dvd should I get?  I am a beginner....any dvds you have used that you like?

Diet is also part of the plan.   I have now gain over 30 pounds since Ashanti left...if you know how PCOS works you know that weight is a tough issue.   I am looking for low carb recipes..mostly ideas on how to use protien of all types and I would also love some great salad recipes....especially salads that include protiens lincluding nuts.   You can either leave a comment with it included, post it on your blog and direct me to it or email me at cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com.

I am feeling optomistic about this new "plan" and feel like this is right and I am finally on the right track.
Thanks for all the emails and prayers....I appreciate all the support I have received from many of you!!!

On a different topic....
I have had people ask me to post pictures of my baby or wonder why I am not posting more family pictures.   DCFS rules state that I am not allowed to post pictures of Spencer until the adoption is final.  I am sooo frustrated with this rule that I find myself not wanting  to post any family pictures because it isn't a complete look at my family.   I hate leaving Spencer out.   I will try to be better about posting about my family but now you know why I haven't done much of it lately.  I really hate this rule...especially since we are adopting isn't like there is another parent who needs to give permission.   Stupid rule in my book.   But my hands are tied.    Because of how my body has handled (or shall we say hasn't handled) the stress of a new baby we are officially done family building and we will be saying goodbye to fostering for a while.  I need to focus on healing and my family.   This has made me sad in many ways but I know it is right.   It was even confirmed by my doctor who feels if I try to add another child it might break me.
I have to admit I am looking forward to being a regular mom for a while.   I have some talents I would like to develop and some things I would like to be doing as a family every day.  So even though this has been a tough decision to come to I am also feeling excited about a new adventure.   I still serve on FSA board have been asked to serve on a advisory board for the adoption exchange so I am not leaving adoption or even foster care completely  behind....just changing where my energy is used.
And lastly...anyone know where blogger has hid the spell checker?  LOL  Mine has been missing for weeks.   This is why you see so many errors.  :)


Tricia said...

as a fellow pcos'er. I recommend the book by Nancy Dunne

it has many great recipes. I may have posted that before (sorry if I did)

SmallAdventures said...

nope you didn't! Thank you so much!!!!

Whitneymwall said...

I really enjoy YOGA!P90X has a great Yoga DVD! IT's probably something you could work towards since it's 1.5 hours long and pretty hard. If you have cable on the exercise channel there is this yoga show that I love. Other than those I prefer to take yoga in a gym class setting it's much more fun and relaxing that way. If you are looking for a great way to get more veggie's in I'd try green smoothies- it's something even your kids will love, mine do! We call it Shrek Juice! or I love to "hide" all sorts of things in ours.

Unknown said...

i have yoga weightloss, I NEVER use it if you want to borrow it you can. I LOVED it when I did use it. I now have Wii fit and I LOVE that!!

also we have posted pictures of Cambree on our blog. I told DCFS and they were fine as long as my blog was private!! They also know I have pics on my fb too. maybe it is different since we know the family, I don't know.

lastly, when you find out where blogger hid spell check let me know!! I NEED to find it too! :)

Love your blog you are an amazing woman!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

I always make a fun Pear and Walnut salad- Just add to lettuce some chicken, sliced pears, walnuts and balsamic vinagarette dressing.

I like doing the Wii fit yoga, if you have a Wii.

Mostly Jessica said...

I love Yoga conditioning for weight loss. It has 4 workout levels so you'll never need another yoga video ever. It's filmed in a beautiful setting and has relaxing music. Also, to add protien to salad we add a rinsed can of chick peas (or any type of beans we like) and throw in some corn too.

Mike and Risa said...

My favorite yoga video is "Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body", it isn't in print, but you can probably find it on ebay or something. The middle section can be a little advanced, but in Yoga you only do what you feel comfortable with and there are a lot of basics on the video as well. I would recommend going to 1 class first so that a teacher can show you some keys about posture and breathing, then doing it at home will be easier :) I know the studio in Saratoga Springs offers the first class free and the rest aren't very expensive, their website is, or most rec centers have classes too. Green smoothie girl has a lot of great recipes,, or try her 12 step program if you like (just one new nutrition step a month, or pace yourself how it works for you). Good luck and hope it all goes well!