Monday, January 11, 2010

Matching Mondays

Kelsey, Porter and Ashton ages 9, 7 & 3.
Eldest sister Kelsey has the personality of a natural peacemaker. She is a very gentle and loving child. Games, animals, reading, and being told stories are some of her favorite things. She responds well when given direction. A third grader this year, Kelsey does well academically but will appreciate some assistance with her academics. She is attending counseling, which will need to continue after placement.

Being active and playing games are just two of the things that Porter likes best. This young guy loves a good story and enjoys being read to. He is a quick learner, finds it easy to catch on to things and responds well to people. A second grader this year, Porter is at the top of his class. He is attending counseling, which will need to continue after placement.
 Little brother Ashton is full of life. He is a lovable little boy who really likes to be a part of the group. He very much enjoys playing with his peers and siblings and being included in games. Ashton is a very intelligent toddler who likes being held and loves attention!

Ashton, Kelsey and Porter are looking for a loving forever family who will be committed to keeping them together. They love each other very much and are closely bonded. This is a LEGAL RISK ADOPTIVE PLACEMENT. In a legal risk adoptive placement, it is expected that the family will eventually adopt the children, even though the birth parents’ rights have not been fully terminated at the time of placement.

Neveah & Jaron ages 3 & 1.
At only 17 months apart, this brother/sister duo can fill any home with energy, charm, and excitement. With their matching big brown eyes, creamy brown skin, and bright contagious smiles, Neveah and Jaron have a knack for endearing themselves to virtually anyone with whom they come into contact. They love attention and are at their happiest in a one-on-one setting with an adult. They are busy exploring their environment from the moment they wake up until the moment they fall asleep, and both children especially love to play outside.

These two young siblings deserve to have a loving family to call their own. They need a family who understands and appreciates the degree of trauma that Neveah and Jaron have experienced and the extent to which that trauma impacts their ability to function normally. They need a family who values therapeutic intervention and can be flexible and creative in continuing to access appropriate on-going services for both children. Most importantly, they need a family who will commit to caring for them even through the rough days, knowing that their ability to learn how to trust, bond, self-soothe, etc. cannot happen outside of a long-term investment in their development. It is reasonable to expect that, given their young ages, Neveah and Jaron are still emotionally malleable and can make dramatic improvements in their behavior and attachment patterns. Arguably, they have not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate the most delightful aspects and nuances of their personalities, the discovery of which is guaranteed to be a rewarding journey.

Ty age 12.
Ty is a charming, talkative red headed, blue eyed boy born in April 1997. Ty loves playing video games and watching cartoons and also gardening. He is currently trying to grow a watermelon patch. He loves to be outdoors working in the garden but is not into athletic outdoor games. Ty is a giving child and likes to take pride in the things he does. He likes to draw and his favorite subject is science.

Ty says that he wants to learn how to swim and enjoys the beach. He enjoys all you can eat buffets and is not a picky eater. He loves to be on the go. He thinks that he may want to be a mechanical engineer or scientist when he grows up. He is very environmentally conscious and believes we should all recycle and take better care of our planet.

Ty needs a strong family who can be consistent with limits and rules. He needs support in the school setting, socially and needs a family who will help him reach his goals in a positive way. He needs help learning to be responsible for his actions and to give respect in order to get it. He needs a family who will understand his losses and help him work through those in a positive way. He needs connections that are life long and a family willing to stay with him, even through the bad days.

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