Monday, January 25, 2010

Matching Mondays

I am sure like me you have been watching the Hatian crisis on the news and your heart is breaking for all of the people there...especially the children. I have had people calling me asking how they can they can adopt etc.   I am trying to learn more and I will post what I find out.  IF you have any information please email me at cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com.

Kayce & Shania age 1 & 4.
Don't let their tiny frames fool you--siblings Shania and Kayce can fill even the largest of rooms with their energy, enthusiasm, and grandiose personalities! Both unusually small for their ages, Shania and Kayce get to enjoy daily diets padded with butter, cream, meat, pastries, and anything else that will put big calories in their bellies and healthy meat on their bones---perhaps this is why they are so spirited! They are busy little children who are on the move from one activity to the next from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep with little tolerance for boredom.

Shania has a wide range of favorite activities--including swinging, running, riding on riding toys, dress up, and pretending with her dollhouse and play kitchen--but she's very selective about which activity she wants to do at any one moment. She is specific and firm in her ideas of how she wants her day to go, and she is not always flexible if there is deviation. In her quieter moments, Shania is a snuggle-bug who loves to curl up in her foster mom's lap and read stories. She and her brother are very affectionate and respond very well to lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

Kayce favors activities that keep him running and climbing, whether indoors or outdoors. He is strong, particularly given his small stature, and often looks like a ''bull in a china shop'' as he fearlessly explores his environment. He and Shania have a sweet relationship in that they are very aware that they ''belong'' together in a way that is different from the other children living in their home. Shania proudly states ''This is my brother!'' but she is just as likely to mischievously bonk him over the head with a toy as gently and lovingly kiss him.

These darling children deserve to have a nurturing, committed family to call their own. They have experienced significant neglect, loss, and emotional trauma in their short lives and are currently at optimal ages to truly bond and flourish in a stable, permanent environment. Given their medical and behavioral challenges, it would be ideal to find a family with some parenting experience in both the medical and behavioral arenas. At the very least, their adoptive family will need to be savvy and confident accessing appropriate services and following recommendations of a treatment team, particularly as the children's needs evolve. DHS will also be looking for a family with an understanding of the root cause of the children's behaviors and the patience to continue caring for them, even through the rough days. Arguably, Shania and Kayce have not yet had an opportunity to demostrate their most delightful qualities, the discovery of which is bound to be a rewarding journey.

Jessie age 15.
This bright and energetic teen wants very much to belong to a loving family. Jessie has a great sense of humor, an engaging laugh, and loves to have fun. Hanging out with friends and socializing is top on Jessie’s list of favorite things to do. She also has a great passion for music, singing (she has a great voice!), and song writing.

An intelligent ninth grader, Jessie enjoys school and has the ability to do very well academically. After high school graduation she dreams of opening up her own restaurant. She is benefiting from counseling, which will need to continue after placement.

Jessie’s caseworker feels that she would do best in a two-parent home where there is a stay-at-home mom. It is important that the father in Jessie’s forever family be a good role model, is fully invested in parenting, and is devoted to her success. Jessie would prefer to be placed in a Latter-Day Saint family. However, all family types will be considered.

This fun young woman is in need of a nurturing and loving home. If your family is interested in Jessie, we urge you to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption related costs. This is a LEGAL RISK ADOPTIVE PLACEMENT. In a legal risk adoptive placement, it is expected that the family will eventually adopt the child, even though the birth parents’ rights have not been fully terminated at the time of placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption related costs. For Utah children, only homestudied families from all states are encouraged to inquire.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog while searching for adoptable children. I came across Shania and Kayce from another site and noticed you had their profiles listed. I think these two are adorable. I have inquired concerning them just two day ago. I did receive a return email and they need me and my husbands home study. Right now we our foster parents in our home town and we asked if we could get a copy of our home study and we couldn't believe their reaction. I don't think they really like the idea of us wanting to adopt period, much less through another state. Oh well, this is our lives. We have been foster parents off and on for about twenty years and have adopted our first five but our baby is now seventeen and we have that feeling again. :) We are looking for one or two biracial children, boy and girl. I hope they won't be too hard to find. If you have any information that you think may be helpful in our search, please let me know. You can email me at I want you to know I really enjoyed your blog. It's nice to see others enjoy what we do as well. Please stay in touch and keep posting with your journey and who knows maybe somewhere in the near future we can do the same. God bless you and yours!