Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My neighborhood and it's drivers.

As a Mom ( just as any Mom) I worry about my children.  I worry about their school work, their health, their emotional well being and their safety.   I live in a nice little neighborhood right next to a 4 way stop that sees a great deal of traffic.   I have been amazed the past 3+ years how often the stop signs are ignored and how fast people feel they need to drive.    
We have TONS of children in our area.....there are little ones everwhere.   We have our little Camden who is only 3...he runs after balls in the street no matter how many times we tell him not to chase them.   We work so hard to teach our children to be careful about cars and not play in the street.   I wish someone would teach the adults in our area to abide by simple traffic laws to help keep our children safe!   People running the stop signs and speeding has become and huge problems lately...it is getting so much worse.    I have had it and it makes me really sad to see people I know doing it.   How would they feel if they lived where I do...right by all the traffic????   
Pretty sad when people can't abide by even the simplest laws. 
I feel like putting a big sign under the stop sign that reads:
"What is it about STOP that you don't understand?"


Leslie said...

Do it, I won't tell. :)

Savannah said...

One of my biggest regrets is from when I was a teenager. A few of us decided to race to a friends house. I went one way, while the other friend took a different road. While at the friends house a father tracked down my truck, knocked on the door, and got after me. At that time I was a cocky teenager. Over the last few years I have regretted that moment so much. I wish I could find the father and apologize.
Call the cops, they need to enforce this stop.