Monday, March 1, 2010

Matching Mondays ~ 1 year old!


It was 1 year ago that I created my first post featuring waiting children.
 Matching Mondays is 1 year old!
I remember many nights searching through site after site looking at beautiful faces of children who needed a family.    I couldn't sleep....their sweet faces kind of haunted me.  I had no clue there were so many in each state.    So much need and I was only one person.   Since starting Matching Mondays I don't have those types of sleepless nights (just other types).   I don't know if Matching Mondays is making much of a difference for anyone else but I know it has made a difference for me and my family.  Our family is much more aware of the need of families for waiting children and we have learned that waiting children are not broken children...they are children with dreams and hopes and goals who just want to be understood and loved.  They want a family to call their own.

There is something about seeing the need that makes you want to act.  Thank you to all of you who support Matching Mondays and who help spread the hopes of the waiting child.
 All the horrific images coming from Hati and all of the children in makes you want to help.   I think if America saw the need of America's children displayed on the nightly news night after night it would motivate action.    If you want to help children start today...put in a call to your local state department of children services and find out how you can help. 
If you live in Utah click here to read upcoming events that help to support waiting children.

Jesus is a handsome, active, and energetic little guy who loves attention. He always has much to say and thrives during one-on-one time. He enjoys board games and card games, playing with action figures, swimming, riding bikes, and is happiest when he is running. Jesus displays his running skills and speed while playing dodge ball and soccer. Spiderman is his favorite cartoon character and he’s an avid wrestling fan. Jesus reports that his favorite parts of school are going to library and recess.

Savannah is a charming, sweet five year old girl with a precious smile. She has a strong and affectionate relationship with Shania. Savannah enjoys taking care of her dollies, riding her bike, skipping and hopping, “reading”, grooming her hair, and cheerleading. Savannah likes to look at herself in the mirror. She shows pride when showing her very neat and tidy room.

Shania is a delightfully and irresistibly cute four year old girl. Even though she is the youngest, she keeps up with her older siblings and occasionally likes to be the boss. Shania is a cheerleader through the PAL program where she eagerly shares her love of music and dance. She likes Barbie dolls, any and all books, coloring, board games, and hair adornments. Shania attends school in the head start program. She is excited and eager to learn new things and be involved in activities at home and at school. Shania is a smart little girl with an incredible memory making it very easy for her to learn new dances and songs. Jesus, Savannah, and Shania enjoy school.

Jamie age 15.

This young woman loves “girly” things, such as clothes (especially shoes!), nails, hair, shopping, make-up and accessories. She dreams of becoming a cosmetologist someday. Jamie also really likes planning meals, going out to eat, crafts, giving gifts, having one-on-one time with adults, and dance classes. She is a sweet young woman who enjoys watching movies, playing games, animals and music. She takes great interest in others’ lives. Jamie has high moral standards for herself and enjoys participating in church activities.

A ninth grader, Jamie is benefiting from an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). She is currently attending counseling, which will need to continue after placement.

Jamie is anxious and excited to be adopted! She is in need of a loving and supportive home. If your family can provide Jamie with the compassion and permanency that she needs, we urge you to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For Utah children, only homestudied families are encouraged to inquire.

Here are some more cuties to consider.
I don't have permission from these states so I am just posting links.

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