Monday, April 5, 2010

Matching Mondays

Amara, Ethan and Jomie'lei  ages 7, 3 & 2.
Sparkling eyes, charming smiles and beautiful singing voices! These adorable siblings need an adoptive placement that can capitalize on their strengths and interests as well as meet their unique and varied needs.

Amara is a beautiful girl who is tall and thin for her age. She is Caucasian and African-American. Amara is outgoing and chatty. She loves arts and crafts, coloring, puzzles, and anything where she can work with her hands. She has fallen in love with working in the garden. Her favorite animals are horses, pits, and worms. She is involved in Girl Scouts, church, Sunday school and her church choir. She and her siblings have beautiful singing voices and Amara has sung both a duet and a solo at church. Amara likes playing with dolls, basketball, running, and climbing. She is very social and likes to be around others. She enjoys spending time with the neighbors' horses. Her favorite colors are white, red, pink, blue, purple, and black. Amara likes to put together funky and fashionable outfits and beams when she is praised on her fashion choices.

Ethan is a handsome and sturdy preschooler who appears older than his age. Ethan has Hispanic, African-American, Caucasian, and Native American ancestry. He is noted for his bright smile and hearty laugh. Ethan likes to play out in the big backyard of his foster home on nice days. He rides scooters, little bikes, plays with sticks and rocks, swings, and climbs the play structure. Inside he can now sit through a movie and enjoys cartoons. He loves his farm set, dinosaurs, fire trucks and ambulances. At school he enjoys tactile toys like the rice table, puzzles, playdough, and flubber. He has started to engage in pretend play and likes to dress up like a cowboy or a ladybug. He enjoys physical attention and being cuddled by adults he trusts. Ethan, like his sister, has a beautiful singing voice and responds well to music.

Jomie'lei (pronounced Jaw-mee-lay) is an adorable little girl noted for her pretty smile, soft cheeks and great curls. She goes by the nickname Tuca. Jomie'lei is Ethan's full biological sibling and they share the same multi-racial ancestry. Jomie'lei is very fun-loving and gregarious. She has a happy temperament. She likes to climb and is very active. Like most toddlers, she loves to explore her environment. She LOVES shoes. Her foster parents have to put shoes out of her reach because she will find them and eventually put them on (often tracking mud on the carpets). She will say ''Dis my shoe-y, dat my shoe-y.'' She loves food and if someone has something to eat, she is their best friend and will flirt with them saying ''my bite?'' hoping they will share. She loves to color and will color longer than Amara. She can be distractible. She has a pretty singing voice like her siblings. She loves her foster father and is very much a daddy's girl.

The children have a good bond with their biological mother and enjoy spending time with her. They do not have relationships with their biological fathers. Their birth mother is currently working to have the children returned to her care but would likely be interested in mediation for some amount of openness with an adoptive family.

Karen age 8.
Little Miss Karen’s beautiful smile will melt your heart! This sweet girl loves the color pink, princesses, music, soft things, and anything in Spanish. Karen is responsive to positive people in her life. She’ll often share with them her great smile and will reach out toward them. She is typically a very happy child.

Karen benefits from a baclofen pump which has enabled her to move her arms, primarily her left. She has begun to use her voice and her doctor is hopeful that her speech development will continue to improve. This darling child can respond to some stimuli. She is truly making astounding progress in all areas.

Karen is not currently in school at this time as her team is assessing her needs.

A family that is consistent, loving, willing to learn, and adaptible would be most beneficial for Karen. She responds best to those who speak Spanish; however, this is not a requirement of an adoptive family. It is expected that Karen will need assistance as an adult, but she can have a great life. Her medical challenges can be managed by parents with training. If your family is interested in this spirited little girl, we urge you to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related costs.

This is a LEGAL RISK ADOPTIVE PLACEMENT. In a legal risk adoptive placement, it is expected that the family will eventually adopt the child, even though the birth parents’ rights have not been fully terminated at the time of placement.

For Utah children, only homestudied families from all states are encouraged to inquire.

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