Monday, April 12, 2010

Matching Mondays

Are you like me and are hoping to get back into shape??
If you answered yes and you live in Utah I want to invite you to join me in a challenge.
Starting today I will be getting on my treadmill and walking...for at least 1 mile.   I will keep adding distance every few days until I have hit 3 miles a day and then I will work on getting faster.   This will not only help me get back into my groove but I want to "Run for those who wait". 
I want you to join me!
Run for Those Who Wait
May 29, 2010
7:15AM - 10:15AM
Murray City Park, Murray Utah
20.00 for an Individual
50.00 Family of 3 or more
T-shirts are free to all participants registered before May 21st.
Race will be un-timed. Prizes will be given to 1st and 2nd place winners.

There really isn't any other "run' that could get me as motivated as this one.  I have passion for helping waiting children but since Spencer entered my life I have new motivation....I will be running ( well lets face it...I will be walking fast) in honor of his Birth Mother who aged out of foster care.  She has had a very difficult life and it will never be easy for her.   If my 20 dollars helps The Utah Adoption Exchange help waiting kids....well that is 20 dollars well spent.   I hope you will grab your family and come and join me and my family! 
Please let me know if you decide to register and run/walk! 

Today when I was looking for a child to feature....I saw this sweet baby girl and fell in love!  I started to tell Brad about her and he gave me the whole "!"  talk.  LOL   My hands are so busy right now I know I can't inquire.......but I hope YOU CAN!!!!!

Starr age 9 months.
This lovable little bundle of joy melts hearts and soften all defenses. Starr has just learned how to coo and giggle. These sweet sounds tend to bring smiles to everybody around. Speaking of smiles, this darling baby loves to use hers! Bright colors and looking at people’s faces are enjoyable for Starr; but her most loved activities include playing with her favorite black and white toy panda and interacting socially with others. This tiny tot has shown a great ability to attach to her caregivers. She tracks them as they talk and knows who they are and when they enter the room.

Starr benefits from a gastrostomy tube for feeding. She is currently as healthy as can be expected though her disabilities will be long term and significant.

Starr’s caseworker feels that she would do best with parents who are medically trained or who would be willing to obtain the skills necessary for her care. Her forever family would need to be understanding of her current challenges and the high probability that these physical difficulties will escalate and will require medical interventions in the coming years. Starr’s team also feels that it would be in her best interest to find a family who can provide her with the time and attention she requires. Starr will not live independently as an adult, but she can have a great life.

If your family is interested in Starr, we urge you to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related costs. For Utah children, only homestudied families from all states are encouraged to inquire.

Sierra age 9.
Sierra is a sweet child who loves attention and loves to interact with others. She has an easy going smile and laughs often. At times Sierra seems much older than her 8 years. She enjoys spending time with adults and loves to be the center of attention. Although Sierra has some academic delays she has an air about her that radiates intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Sierra is a happy child with brown hair and a petite 4' 3 tall frame. She has an engaging smile with a pleasant and friendly personality. Sierra does enjoy playing with children her age and loves pets.

Sierra's adoptive family should be skilled and have the ability to advocate for her treatment needs. The skills necessary for Sierra to be successful are for her adoptive parent(s) to be able to provide the love and nurturing that she needs coupled with an ability to set appropriate boundaries. Her adoptive parent(s) should also be able to advocate strongly for her service and educational needs as well as being part of her treatment services.

Sierra is a child who needs a permanent home. She so much wants her keeping family and her treatment team believes that a permanent home is the key to helping Sierra be successful. Sierra has a lot of love to give to her family, and is anxiously awaiting her one and only adoptive home.

It has been determined that Sierra should be placed in a home with no other children and no men.

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Andy Porter said...

What a great idea for a run! Such a good cause. Good luck with your training! I'm sure you'll rock it!!