Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunshine Award

Paula from Circle of Love blog gave me this sweet award on Feb 17th but with all of Spencer's illness issues and then his surgery and then his adoption I kept forgetting to get it on my blog.  So a HUGE apology to Paula and a HUGE Thank you to Paula who thought my blog was worthy of this cute award!  Paula blogs about her adventures in fostering and she knows first hand the ups and downs of it all.   If you haven't visited her blog take a moment and read her posts and leave her some warm wishes!  She has been such a support to me an my roller coaster ride through foster care!

Now it is my turn to spread the sunshine around.
The Rules are:
1. Post picture on your blog or in your post.
2. Link to the person who gave you the award.
3. Spread the sunshine to 12 blogs.

12 8 blogs that bring Sunshine to me are:
1.  Adoption & Foster Care:  My Experience:   Mary is amazing and freely shares her love and experiences in adoption and foster care with her readers!  She just gave her blog a face lift.....take  a peek and enjoy!
2.  A Piece of Cake:  Whitney shares some great recipes  and I find my self going back to her site again and again!  She is a great cook/baker....I have the blessing of being her cousin!  Thanks for the inspiration Whitney!
3.  Carrie's Tasty Cakes:  Carrie is so talented....she makes amazing cakes.  Her blog is part of her business but I like to visit to just enjoy her talent!
4.  Poppies at Play:  I am blessed to know Andy personally and she is AMAZING!!!   You enjoy craft blogs???  Don't miss this one!!! 
5.  The Errand of Angels:  I really enjoy the ideas these ladies share...especially when it comes to Family Home Evening Lessons/Ideas.   They have prepared lessons ready to use....check them out!
6.  The Idea Room:  You may already know about this is truly one of my all time favs!   As I was starting to feel better and having a desire to start crafting again I found  idea after idea on this blog.   I really feel like her blog helped me in my healing.
7.  The Art of Choosing Joy:  This is another one many of you probably already know about but I love how she shares her talents with everyone by including  a "download day" and sharing her amazing "Every Needful Thing" project. 
8.  Hot Pink Pansy:  Andi shares her amazing talents with her readers and shares free downloads too!   She also has great helps for primary and YW leaders.    I LOVE it when women share their incredible talents with others....blesses so many lives!
I know the rules say 12...but my hands are starting to cramp so 8 is my number.  :) 


Andy Porter said...

Thanks Brenda!!! You totally made my day! Thanks for the sunshine! I'm so flattered!! I didn't know your little one had surgery! I hope everything is alright now.

Thanks again!!

Mary said...

You made my day, Brenda!