Monday, May 24, 2010

A good day.

Haley loves to play house with Spencer.  She is the Mom and I get to be the "grandma". lol  She is such a little of her many talents
I love days like this....when I feel Spiritually lifted, have increased energy and have the desire to do better.   I love preparing and giving family home evening lessons....I can't explain how it makes me feel.  I just know I am doing something important and lasting.  I love being a wife and mother...and I find joy in my responsibilities more and more all the time.  I am also realizing that  I need to work harder to help my children understand the Gospel and work harder at being the Mom they need.   I am also seeing what I need to do to gain more physical energy and health.   I am on day 3 of zero diet coke and I wake up and eat oatmeal every morning.  These are baby steps to the health I desire.  They may not seem like much but they are helping me gain confidence in my ability to treat myself better.  I am excited to see what tomorrow brings...and I am excited that in four days I get my kids all to myself for the summer!  
I can hardly wait!

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