Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sewing Project

I have a very talented friend named Holly. 
She inspires me to try new things.
I am hoping she will be a guest blogger soon....stay tuned.
Recently Holly made some really cute new bags....I loved them so much I had to try and make one.
My sister made one first so she could help me.
(My sister sews constantly...so she has been a great resource on my journey through projects)
I am a beginner when it comes to sewing...but I am loving it!
So Diane (my sister) and I stayed up until midnight a few Fridays ago and I made this.....

My favorite part is the flower...and I am excited to say I made that all by my little ol' self. 
I watched a tutorial on it on Avid Quilter Blog late one night and have been practicing ever since.  
This one turned out to be my best so far.

Kind of hard to really see it in this picture (I don't have the greatest camera) but hopefully you get the idea. :)
I didn't have the pattern...just made my own.

I am learning so much with these little sewing projects.  
I have overcome the fear of using my sewing machine (I know....it is prett pathetic to be afraid of a machine).   
One thing I have learned about myself once again is the fact that I can do hard things....and sometimes hard things aren't as hard as they appear.


Christine said...

Love the bag!!! I might have to make one, too! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

impressive. i never could have done it.

junglemama said...

How adorable!