Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sod Envy

This picture says it all.
I need sprinklers and sod!!!
As you can see the weeds are starting to creep up so we will be out there digging, spraying etc to keep them under control.   We are hoping this could be the summer we finally put grass in this area...we have it in other areas of our yard but not in the area we want it most.  
I dream of warm summer evenings barbecuing with friends, watching our kids run around with bare feet in the soft grass.  In my dream we have a patio with a few pots of colorful flowers overflowing along the sides, a table and chairs and of course in my dream there is a cute glass picture of strawberry lemonade ready to pour.  There is more to my dream but I will spare you the details.
  I know this dream will come true whether this summer or next it is close.  
I just wish it was happening right now.
I will just keep dreaming and digging up weeds until it is my turn to step in my very own soft sod!

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