Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Crazy Week Begins

Today marks the first day of the busiest week in the Small Adventures home.   In exactly 6 days the National Conference for Families Supporting Adoption (aka FSA) begins.  Brad and I have served on the National Board for over 5 years now....this conference makes #6 for us as National Board members.   It is one of the  highlights of our year and we completely enjoy every moment!    We were asked to serve in spring of 2005.  We had already been working with the mastermind behind the sense of FSA....Steve Sunday.   We were helping him put together info for families who were trying to adopt.  We helped with "finding ideas" that later were placed in a little booklet called "Someones Missing....".  It was a privilege to work with Steve and to have the experiences Brad and I had as we received direction from a loving Heavenly Father.... direction that ended up blessing not only our family but also many many other hopeful adoptive couples.  I know the ideas that came were not ours...they were His.  We just feel so blessed to have been used as a tool to get them out there where others could use them.

I remember when Steve asked Brad and I to present at the 2005 conference on "Making Your Adoption Happen".   It was the first time in my life I had ever given a presentation.   I was scared to death...I mean SCARED!!!!!  I prayed alot and felt my courage rise to the challenge.  At that point the only thing that could have ever gotten me to say yes to something so scary would be something in adoption.   We felt so passionate about giving back...I would have said yes to anything that involved adoption.    Saying yes turned out to be a milestone in our lives...especially mine.   Each year we have been asked to present on a topic and each year I have learned more about how to create (what I hope to be) a useful presentation.  Best of all the fear of public speaking is gone.  As long as I am prepared I enjoy the experience.   This is the first conference where we will not be presenting an entire class....instead we will be sharing our personal experiences in being foster parents in the Foster to Adopt program here in Utah.   I am excited to share all that we have learned and share a few special pictures of our favorite little babies we have cared for.   My kids were happy that Mom and Dad didn't have months of preparations for a huge presentation....I think they were starting to believe that was what summers were for.  :)

I hope you will join us  at the Families Supporting Adoption National Conference.   You can find info and register by going to this blog.   It is for anyone involved in adoption!

Before the busiest week of our year begins I wanted to wish those in Utah a Happy Pioneer Day!   My own ancestors crossed the plains and helped build this incredible state....I am happy to be a Utahan and enjoy this special holiday!

Not quite a pioneer outfit....but a cute lil' farmer.
This picture of Spencer was taken at a baby contest in our area.  My Dad grew up on a farm so it reminds me of him.

Happy 24th of July!!!
Thankful for all the hard work that created Utah!

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