Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Family Fun: The Joy found in Rodents.

Thankfully these rodents don't leave little droppings around the house.
The perfect pet for Mom!
I had seen the commercials about these little critters but I didn't realize how much fun they really are.  
My kids have been playing with them non stop.
Even Spencer has gotten in on the action.

Camden received 2 ZhuZhu pets from his Aunt Diane the day after his accident.   This cheered him up in a big way!   Then Brenley received 2 for her birthday.  Camden has been sharing his with Haley.   All of my children are getting in on the fun.  I am putting ZhuZhu accessories on the list of ideas for Christmas.
My favorite part is the cute sounds they make.

I love fun toys!!!!

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