Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tailor Made Miracles.

Haley as newborn.

I am a follower of this blog.   Kolette is an amazing woman and has incredible ideas.  It seems she is always giving to others and I really admire her.   I don't know her personally....I am just one of her readers.    When I learned her and her hubby (Jason) struggled to start a family I felt even more connected to her.   You know....that feeling that this person would "get me".   Today I had the blessing of being laid up in my recliner to help decrease the pain from a steroid injection.   Because I was sitting here being bored....I starting reading.    I read this post on Jason's blog.    It is a long post but once you start you just can't stop until you hear the whole story.    Their story to parenthood is amazing and my heart has been touched deeply.   By the end of the story I had tears rolling down my cheeks.   

Everyone who asks will receive direction on where the Lord wants them to go, what He wants them to do and when we follow those feelings our lives will be blessed.   For some infertile couples the answers are some type of treatment.....others it is infant adoption or other forms of adoption and then for some couples the answers say "be still".     I know the Lord knows the end from the beginning.  I have witnessed this in my own life time and time again.   His miracles are tailor made for each of His children.   I hope you will take a moment and read Jason and Kolette's miracle.  
 I promise it will leave a mark on your heart!

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