Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taste of Summer

Spencer enjoying a homemade frozen treat.
A version of this recipe.

Things have been a little crazy at our house.   From Brenley's Birthday fun to Camden's nose injury to Spencer's high fever virus I have been one busy busy Mom. This is why you haven't seen my Creating Life or Friday's Family Fun hands have been very full.
  I am happy to say that Brenley's Birthday went well and so far 10 is great!  Camden's nose is less swollen and things are healing.    Spencer is doing a little better today but he still wants to be held.  I am actually enjoying this part so no complains here.    
We have been staying inside and enjoying the air conditioned home.   We are at least enjoying the tastes of summer even if we aren't out in the heat.    I have only 4 weeks left until I have to share my kids with teachers, homework and activities so I am going to soak up all the time I can.
If you are going to walmart....they have some really yummy otter pop type popsicles...but they aren't that brand..not sure what they are called but I really like them.   Pick some won't be sorry.  :)
ay Cool! 

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