Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Update

We LOVE Summer!
For the past four weeks we have been establishing our summer routine which on weekdays consists of breakfast and about one hour of tv is summer after all. After breakfast is over the kids and I meet in the living room and read an article from the Friend magazine and/or scriptures, having family prayer and talk about what needs to be done for the day. The kids then go and get their chores done and actually do it with very little complaints (most days). When they are done with their chores and are dressed for the day they get to go out and play with friends for a while. On a "family only day" which we do a 1-2 times a week they go to the park together or play some board games together. Honestly...this has been wonderful!!! I feel like we connect as a family and then they seem to have a better day... for the most part the kids cooperate.

Brenley is becoming a little young woman. She has become more motherly towards Camden and Spencer and is learning more skills with cleaning, cooking and shows an incredible talent in planning and preparing activities with her siblings. She seems to have a talent with "event planning" at least on a family level. This has become a talent I really appreciate as it helps me have time to get my responsibilities taken care of and then leaves the afternoon or evening to enjoy some family fun with the kids.

Haley is a huge help with Spencer....she is the little nurturer in the family. She is a great helper! She has also become very great about taking "no" for an answer...which is a blessing! She is a good example to all of us! Haley keeps busy playing with her siblings, friends or having fun on the Wii.  She also makes a mean bowl of popcorn...and I am being totally serious! 

Camden is always busy playing with his friend next door, playing with his Geo Tracks trains or collecting bugs. We have a  problem with black widows so he has learned not to touch any spiders or black bugs. But he brings many "rolly polly" bugs in the house much to my dismay.  He also loves to catch is like a challenge for him but he is pretty good not to hurt them.

Spencer spends his day being entertained by everyone in the house and loves to watch the kids dance! Spencer started crawling last week but is still a little timid about it. He would much rather be walking but he gets stuck on his knees as he tried to climb up to furniture. He has been cutting many teeth and bites on everything he gets his hands on. Spencer is a joy and I am enjoying every moment of his "littleness". I can't believe he turns 1 next month.

Brad keeps busy with with his job and his calling in our ward. He has been ward clerk for over 3 years and loves it! Brad takes a trip to the Temple once a week on his lunch break. His service blesses not only his life but also our whole family.

Brad and I are still busy with FSA and getting ready for the National Conference at the end of July. We love serving together and feel blessed to be part of such a special group of people! I stay busy busy busy with the kids, my church callings (Cub Scout Secretary and Relief Society Music Director). I get excited over Family Home Evening each week and have learned I enjoy teaching more than I thought I did! I also have a long list of fun home decor projects that will take me all summer to get through but I am looking forward to each one.

We are all doing well and feeling very blessed to be a family! I have pondered a great deal lately....thinking about what we have gone through to get to this point and I feel a great sense of gratitude to Heavenly Father for creating our family and thankful for the trails that molded us into who we are today!

We are busy each day with being a family, running a family/home and hoping to make memories that our children will keep with them and pass along to their children.
Family really is everything!  
To see activities we have been up to the past few weeks go here.

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