Monday, July 12, 2010

Matching Mondays

I have been pondering over how to increase traffic to states sites that have waiting children.  I usually copy and paste a child's info on my blog each Monday but I am going to try something new.   Rather than giving you all the info here I am going to just simple give the State, name of the child, age and you can click on their name to link over to their page to learn more.   Maybe the child I decide to feature doesn't feel like a fit for your family but as you go and look at other children waiting from the same website you might find the one that was meant for you.
I may end up going back to the old format but I wanted to try this for a little while.  :)


Shade age 13.
To see other waiting children in Utah go here.

Izaiah age 4.
To see other waiting children in Oregon go here.

Check out this darling sibling group of 3 in Colorado.
Go here to see all waiting children featured with The Adoption Exchange.


From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

I was wondering if all the kids that are posted on your blog are able to be adopted through states other then the one's they live in. I have a 5 year old boy that we are in the process of adopting hopfully by the end off the summer but we are looking to adopt 1 to2 more kids between the age of 0-7. The problem is everytime we find a child it always states they have to be the youngest or the only child and we have a 5 year old and if we do find a child that we can take in with our other child they are not able to be adopted out of state and I don't know that because it doesn't say on profile until after I go through all the inquiring so I was wondering what you thought

SmallAdventures said...

I know at least in Utah they have to be willing to consider people from outside of utah. I have read some situations where they are specifically looking for a family in the state where the children live but unless that is stated I believe they will consider outside of state families. You would need to contact the child's worker to learn more and I am sure it is totally a case by case issue. I am sure it is very frustrating to hit a wall everytime you see a child you would like to learn more about. I would contact a few heart galleries near you (in your state and surrounding states) and let them know the ages etc you are hoping to adopt..they can keep you in mind as they have more kids profiles to show. There may even be children they know about that they don't have showing online yet.
Good Luck! I know this is frustrating.