Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{Creating Life} Celebrating Brenley

Brenley at 2 weeks old.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture...this was before the digital age. :)
Brenley is officially 10!  Where did my sweet brand new baby go???  I was looking through pictures last night and my heart tugged as I recalled all the fun Brenley and I had together over the years.   It seems like each year goes by faster now.  I feel like I need to grasp every moment and imprint it in my mind before it gets away from me.   I also feel like I need to take ever opportunity to continue to establish a special relationship with my daughter.
Brenley is growing up to be a thoughtful young lady.   One thing I love about Brenley is her honesty.   She has proven herself that we can trust what she says.   This has been especially important lately as she has faced some interesting situations.   I feel so thankful to have a daughter who believes honesty is the best policy.

A few days ago Brenley surprised me.   She was being a sleepy head after staying up late.  I needed to run an errand so I asked her if she wanted to keep sleeping or go with me.  She stated she wanted to sleep so I got all the other kids in the van and ran my short errand.  I returned home to find Brenley wide awake.  She had jumped out of bed after she heard the garage door close and she hurried and cleaned her room and made her bed along with her sisters bed and then went and cleaned the loft.   When I came home I was so surprised and touched by her thoughtfulness.   

I am so thankful Brenley is my daughter!  She is the answer to many years of praying.   I love Brenley's  Birth Mother and enjoy the opportunity to have a relationship with her.   She is busy these days with a hubby and 2 little girls.  I am so thankful for her incredible courage and love!

Today I had a fun little surprise waiting for Brenley as she woke up and came into the kitchen.   I had this waiting for her.

My friend told me about this project she saw on KSL studio 5.  So I went and took and peek and loved it!  Go here to see their tutorial.
I added my own touch.
Next time I will make copies of the pictures in a bigger size and then cut them down into circles.   I didn't want to cut my originals so I left them in rectangles.  Also if I make copies I won't worry about using hot glue to attach them.
This was alot of fun to create and Brenley loved it!

Happy Birthday Brenley!!
I am so lucky to be your Mom!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Brenley!!!! We love you!!!!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

How wonderful!! It looks like she had a great birthday!