Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ten Years? Feels like yesterday!

Ten years ago today one of the greatest things happened to Brad and Me.....a beautiful baby girl was placed in our arms.   I remember the moment as if it just took place only moments ago.  I recall the feelings of love and gratitude that took over and caused me to sob so hard I couldn't speak.  It was an incredible day full of bittersweet feelings of joy and sadness.  Joy for us but sadness for Brenley's Birth Mom.   There were immense feelings of love, happiness and the feeling that all we had been through was worth it!  

Today I have reminisced about the past 10 years and how much I love being Brenley's Mom!  I feel so blessed.  
Before Brenley came I felt so lost.  I didn't feel like my life had purpose and I was busy each day doing work that I hated and I felt so unfulfilled.   I remember the pain of longing to be a Mother but day after day it felt as if it would never happen.  There were days I thought I would die I hurt so much inside.  I tried to remember that everyday I didn't become a Mother meant I was closer to the day I would.  Some days it helped....and then there were those other days that nothing but the comfort only the Lord could send would help me get through another childless day. 

Now ten years later I still remember all of the feelings and I continue to count Brenley and my other 3 children as 4 of my greatest blessings!  I love being a Mother and sharing Motherhood with four other special women. 

How did I get so lucky?

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