Friday, July 16, 2010

Stitch's Adventures in the ER.

Camden aka "Stitch" was having fun this evening at our family reunion while Brad and I  were in FSA meetings.  Stitch was enjoying the water fun with all the other kids having fun going down the slip and slide...but then Stitch decided to walk up the slide while a his teen cousin was going down.   And as you might have guessed the two collided and Stitch ended up in the ER.   We are sitting here with a large gash in his nose and nose probably broken.

Brad and I were called out of the meetings....Brad stayed and ran the meetings while I rushed to Primary.   Stitches Papa (Grandpa) took him to the hospital and even had to deal with vomiting along the way (Dad you Rock!).  

Stitch is a trooper...only freaks out when he sees the blood on his hands.   He looked in the mirror and exclaimed "Dang!  That is a big cut!" in his little 4 year old voice.   

We are on the verge of the stitches for to come.

I LOVE being a parent...even on these types of days!  I waited a long time for this!  :)  But I agree with Camden....he says

"I wish I didn't have done this."  

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