Tuesday, August 3, 2010


2005 our first conference as board members.

I apologize about not having Matching Mondays this week.   I have what we refer to as "FSA Conference Hangover".   I even slept for 4 hours in the day on Sunday because I was so so so tired.  I would have slept longer but Spencer needs his Mommy.   I always hate it when I miss a week of MM but I had to give myself a break.  :)  Not to mention I have a spouse who is very busy this week with his church calling.  

I wanted to let you know about a very difficult decision Brad and I have had to make recently.   After 5+ years (6 conferences) of serving on the FSA National Board we are officially retiring.    It has taken an entire year to come to this conclusion and it is one of the hardest decision we have had to make.   We love FSA so much and have enjoyed every moment serving on the board but our kids seem to need more from us then they use to.   Adoption is a huge love and passion but of course our kids are even a bigger love and passion so they win over the board.   We will still be involved....I hope we are still asked to speak and we are going to be doing the book orders for conference again next year but we just wont' be as heavily involved.  We have also had another new opportunity for low key service that I will share with you at a later time.   I am excited about this new path and adventure.   I have been reading a book called "A Mother's Book of Secrets" written by Linda Eyre and Shawni Eyre Pothier.  I am enjoying it and it has sparked some new thought and ideas on things I can do with my family and kiddos.     It is time to focus more on this aspect of my life.  But I am not leaving adoption.....just taking a smaller role for a while.

I have cried over this  and it was especially hard to share it with Steve Sunday and our Chairs but I am also very excited about the future.  
Thanks FSA......for changing my life!

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disabilitydiva said...

What?? We were just getting a chance to serve with you!! I truly can empathize with your decision! You are an amazing giving couple. Of course you are not leaving adoption...just a different piece of the vineyard. HUGS!!!!!!