Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Creating Life} Serving with Passion

Nothing enriches life like service especially when that service is something you feel very passionate for.   Adoption is a passion for Brad and Me....this includes Families Supporting Adoption.   Each year we meet for the national conference....each year the week before is totally crazy.   You can feel the energy buzzing around our home.   Each year I forget to take very many pictures because I am so busy and just enjoying the moment.   this was our 6th conference as national board members but the 9th conference we have attended....since there have only been 11 (I believe) we have done rather well.  :)  

When you serve in something you love so much it doesn't feel like feels like playing on your is pure joy!

Here are the only pictures from my camera....I would love it if my friends shared theirs with me!!!!  
*hint hint*
Brad preparing the Deseret Book products for the FSA Store.  

Spencer being entertained by Jason Smith...previous Co-Chair for the National Board and current member of The Board of Trustees.

Spencer enjoying a chocolate chip cookie at a mix n mingle after the banquet.  Don't you just love the suit jacket?  :)

Another Mix n Mingle picture...we had way too much fun laughing with current and retired NB members.

Spencer perfectly satisfied after eating his first tiny KitKat candy bar.

I know this may be silly but I just had to take one last picture of my hubby before leaving the conference center....leaving felt like saying goodbye to serving on the board.   Much of the growth that has occurred in our lives for the past 6 years has been because of FSA and in part because of the conferences.   So this is symbolic...but only to me.
As you can see I remembered to take pictures of Spencer...but what kind of Mother would I be if I hadn't?
I really did do more than just look at my cute baby.  :)
I did get to share a few feelings about being a foster to adopt parent.
There wasn't enough time for me to share everything I had prepared so I thought I would at least share the pictures with you since I didn't get to at the conference (*sniff sniff).  :)  jk

Thanks for letting me share.  


Mary said...

Brenda, I'm so glad I was finally able to meet you in person! Thank you for all you have done to positively promote adoption and foster care.

the Villamor's said...

Hi Brenda:) so nice to see how passionate you are about adoption still. I love reading about your miracles!

Mary Kate