Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe my kids should wear helmets all day long!

I am not sure what it is with my kids but obviously they are related to my big sister, Laraine.  Laraine has broken who knows how many bones and has had like a billion surgeries.   She is so accident prone that my brother in law took out accident insurance for her.   I am starting to think we should do the same.   Yesterday I had to stop at Walmart on my way to my Mom's house.   Spencer was in the cart....Camden decided to stand on the bottom of the cart and lean back.   As you could guess the whole cart went over on it's side.   It was HORRIBLE!!!  I was so scared.  Both of my boys got hurt but it looks like they are going to be ok.   No stitches but big bruises and big goose eggs.   I am really really tired of the accidents and praying we can get to the end of the year in one piece.  :)

I wonder how Camden will be as a Kindergartner??  
 I have a year to ponder that one.  

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