Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{Creating Life} Nothing like a Great Day!

I was a bundle of anxiety this morning so I didn't feel like blogging.  But tonight I am looking over my day and counting my many many blessings!
I had an ultrasound today because a cat scan had shown I had fibroid tumors on my uterus and a large cyst on my ovary.   This was kind of a follow up appointment to see how bad it all really was.   To my surprise what the radiologist really saw was a uterus that was shaped funny...which is just how I am.     The cysts wasn't really a cyst after all...just a normal ovary for a woman with pcos.   I also found out a few other little details about tests and everything was I left very relieved and happy!  This was a rare occurrence since it was the same clinic I had done treatment in and usually left with hopefulness or grief.  This was a nice change!  :)

Tonight I received another piece of exciting news that I can't quite share yet but I am happy about the new challenge/responsibility.    

Sorry about the tmi but I just had to share my positive news....who would have ever thought I would have positive news about my reproductive health.  LOL   Gotta love life!

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