Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another day...another head wound.

I am starting to wonder if we need accident insurance on Camden.   Today while trying to get cake made for Spencer's Birthday the kids were suppose to be helping Cam clean his room.   I suddenly hear crying and hear Brenley apologizing.   Then I see him....Camden has lots of blood running down his face.   Brenley threw a toy car at him not thinking it would hurt him ...but or course it did.   He has a deep cut on his head.  It is deep but not wide at all.  So I am going to see if home remedies will do the trick.   He is so afraid of having to have stitches again and since this isn't where people would really see  a scar I think home care will be ok.   

Camden asked me "Mom will the Police take Brenley to Jail?"  I told him "No, they won't take her to jail".   He replied "Well I think the police should know about this!".   Then he kept saying how he hopes he doesn't have to go back to the hospital.   The nose repair is still very fresh in his mind.   

Brenley had a friend come over to play.   Haley answered the door and as I was walking past holding Camden's head in a towel I said "Brenley can't play....forever!".   

Just another adventure in the life of a stay at home Mom.
 Gotta love Summer!
For the record Brenley not only feels really bad about this but she is doing all of Cam's chores plus a bunch I am giving her to do.   And there will be no more throwing in the small adventures house!

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Mandee Lue said...

It must be the month for head injuries! My niece fell on one of those old sprinkler heads -- and 30 stiches later... I'm sure you understand. It's like someone drew a smiley face in stiching on her forehead :(