Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celebrating Miracles!

One year ago today we received a very unexpected phone call.  Our RFC (Resource Family Consultant...a foster family's advocate) called to say a young woman had just given birth and wanted to place her baby for adoption.   She hadn't chosen a family....had no plans ready but knew what she wanted for her son.   She wanted him to have the happiness she never had growing up.  She wanted him to be raised in a loving and happy family with a Mom and a Dad.   Are we interested???   I knew this was my baby.  I felt it in my heart and ever fiber of my being.   We told our RFC "yes!".   The next day our file went in front of the Adoption Committee and 2 other families files.   We were chosen unanimously.   One to two hours after the happy phone call to say we were chosen I was meeting my new son.    After some really hard times saying goodbye to special babies I felt so honored to be Spencer's Mommy!    I continually feel thankful and honored to have him in my life.   He has brought so much joy to our family and helped heal some pain for all of us.   I can't believe it has been 1 year since he was born.   The past year has been full of so many things....some hard but always joyful!   Spencer brings joy to my heart everyday.   I am so thankful to have him here with us!  I get teary eyed just typing this.
Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!
You are such an amazing Miracle!


Unknown said...

Give him a big hug from us!!!! I would send a card, but I don't think he would really care about it yet!! But know that we are thinking about him and love him!!

disabilitydiva said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!! Cutie!! Thank heaven for miracles!