Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Creating Life} Autumn Decor

We LOVE Halloween here at the Small Adventures house.   We have a great reason for loving it too....Haley was due November 11th.   Both sides of our families made bets on when she would be born.   I was secretly hoping for an October baby because October is my favorite month.   I also thought it would be fun to have a child born during our anniversary month.   I know that is silly but I really did secretly wish for it.   There was one family member who guessed right Mom( aka Nana to my kids).   My Mom is an October birthday so there must have been a connection or something.  lol  Anyway she guessed October 31st and sure enough Haley bounced into this world on that day.   So as you can see Halloween for us is a celebration of her and every pumpkin I see reminds me of my sweet baby girl (who isn't a baby anymore as she reminds me daily).
We love all holidays but I tend to buy or make more Autumn decor than any other.  I LOVE Fall!
So to celebrate the first day of Autumn here are a few of my favorite fall decor items.

My version of a "stacker".  

My newest sewing project....a table runner.   My first try at sewing squares together and quilting with a sewing machine.  I made lots of mistakes but I think it turned out cute anyway.

I use to have a book basket where I would place seasonal children's books to encourage reading.  But I got my hands on this neat old tool box.  It was pretty hammered but I did some sanding and added some paint and decided it would be a fun place for the books.   I am not finished with the box but it is finished enough to use it.   My kids love having all the autumn/Halloween books out.  Haley reads them over  and over again.

My kids love to make paper crafts.  I keep my favorite holiday art work that they create at school or home and then display them each year.   This bat Haley made in kindergarten and the spider Brenley made at home this year.   We have spiders all over the place and they make me smile!  
I waited a long long time to put up these masterpieces!
Happy Decorating!


Erin said...

I love the tablerunner Brenda! It looks awesome and I love the fun colors!

Christine said...

We've also decorated for Halloween already, too! I thought we were the only ones. :)