Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Family Fun: Saying Goodbye to FSA National Board

Camden's serious face.  Pictures taken by Haley.  It looks like he is playing Harry Potter. :)
Taken at a park during an FSA National Board bbq.

For a year now Brad and I have felt like the time was coming to say goodbye to serving on the National Board.   I had a hard time with the idea of retiring...but I couldn't deny the promptings that it was time to say goodbye to our positions.   A few months ago I realized not only was this the best decision but it was what my kids needed.   They need more of us and they need me to be focused on them rather than having my mind in other places when I am with them.    We followed the promptings to retire and  today I feel complete peace about our decision.   We had a tearful goodbye at our last function as board members....but as I look at these pictures I know there is no greater reason to leave one thing we love for something we love more.

Picture taken by Brenley.

We will still be helping with little things so we are not gone from FSA...rather we are focusing on the big things here at home.
What a great opportunity!

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