Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Count!

Counting my week...

  • 7 Days of being GREAT with my water intake!
  • 5 days of not eating past 7pm.
  • ZERO....yep an ugly 0 days of biking.   I had myself all ready to use the indoor exercise bike we have but then I couldn't see if there were any spiders lurking (not enough light in our unfinished basement).  We have a major black widow issue in our area so unless I can see under what I am sitting on downstairs I am not sitting.   then I got all ready to take the kids out on a bike ride around our area but as I was getting ready to load them in the bike trailer I noticed one of the tires on the trailer was flat.  I thought "no problem"  and I grabbed the air pump....but then there was alot of hissing.    Sure enough a hole in the tire.  GRRR  just when I was getting my act together!   The good new is that my handsome hubby has come to the rescue and has fixed the tire so as soon as I am over my sore throat/cold I can jump on my bike and getting moving!

I am sticking with the same goals for next week and I am trying to remember it took many years to get to this place...it will take a while to get back down from this place.
Taking baby steps....lots of baby steps!

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Shian said...

Good job! Two out of three isn't bad. It's so hard to start new habits.