Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Count!

I can do hard things necklace by the r house couture.
Thanks Lindsey! 

It seems to be a rollercoaster on my journey to weight loss and better health.
 However, I have experience in roller coasters...if you are an infertile couple hoping to adopt then you know exactly what I mean.  :)
I did rather awesome last week with my exercise goals.  I started to feel better...my back and knee were even feeling better.  Then my appointment with my ortho doc came and of course they had to do all these "checks" on my knee and it made it hurt...alot!  I have a feeling more "hurt" is yet to come as I start physical therapy for my back and knee next week.  In the long run I know it will be better...I just have to hang on.
So here I am starting fresh again.  
 But I know I can do it....I have picked myself up before and from harder things so I can climb up this hill and begin again.Count on it!

"I can do all things through Christ which Strentheneth me."(Philip. 4:13.)

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Brandee said...

Loved your article in the adoption connection!