Monday, October 25, 2010

Matching Mondays

Thanks to all who supported the Utah Adoption Exchange Benefit!
I don't know the total of what was donated but there were many open wallets to match open hearts.
I meant to take my camera with me but forgot to... so sadly I have no pictures to share. 
The food was very yummy!!!!   There were many pretty and fun items for the silent auction!  Brad and I bid on a couple of items and I got the winning bid for this item (without the frame).

Is a by Robert A. Boyd.
I love it because it is the temple Brad and are were married in and the one we have had all of our children sealed to us.   The other part I love is the fall leaves....perfect since Brad and I were married in October.   I am so excited to add it to our wall at home!  But the best part is I know our money went to something special to help someone who is special.  I wish we could have purchased more.

We had this beautiful young woman's photo right next to our table.

Amanda age 17.
Isn't she darling!!!!  She has a great smile and a glow about her. 
(Heidi...I think you should adopt her :)

Here is a sibling group new to the Utah Waiting Child Gallery.

Eddie age 5.

Sara age 7.
Heart Gallery 2011 Opening
Utah State Capitol
November 3rd.
There is something extra special about this event.
I hope you will take the time to come and see all of these beautiful children's portraits!

There are a few things going on to celebrate Adoption Awareness Month.  I have listed them on to the left side.
The Utah Adoption Connection wants to hear YOUR Story!
"Do you have a budding writer that lives at your house?
Utah's Adoption Connection would love to have teens, children and parents submit poems, articles and stories to share in future issues.
Whether things at your house are going great or a little crazy we would love to hear from you and share you experience.
If you are a therapist or caseworker please also feel free to make a submission.
We want to hear from you.
Please submit entries to "

(taken from Utah's Adoption Connection Nov. 2010)

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