Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creating Life - Christmas Books

My Favorite Christmas Book
I have a couple of projects in the works but I am not quite done so hopefully I can share next week.
I have been thinking (and getting excited ) about Christmas.
I love books...especially children's books.   I want to do a countdown to Christmas by reading a special Christmas book with my kids.   I have a couple in mind but I am looking for other titles.
Do you have a special book your children enjoy during the Christmas season?
Do you have a special "reading" tradition?
I would love it if you shared it with me in the comment section.
Thank you!!!


Katrina said...

We do the Forgotten Carols. We read and listen to the songs in the book. We do this on FHE night and break it up because it is too long to do in one evening. I love the songs and it helps my children understand what Christmas is really about.

Mary said...

The Tale of the Three Trees is a great tale for both children and adults.