Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Count!

I continue to work on my Physical Therapy goals....it feels good when I do it.  If I miss a day I start to go downhill and end up on the couch in pain so I am learning to be diligent in my routine.
In the weight battle...a battle I am familiar with I am remembering things I have read in the past.   Mary Lou Henner (you know the red head from "Taxi") has a few books out about getting healthy and losing weight.  Twelve years (or so) ago I purchased one of her books and it had some great ideas.   I used one of those ideas today....I kept myself active by organizing.  I have a couple of junk drawers in my kitchen that I could barely open.  I decided to de-junk and to my surprise it wasn't as painful as I thought. 
I  also met my goals with my kids....I started reading to them again.  I am a big reader and big on "reading to my kids" but somehow among the craziness of life that has slipped.  Today I got back on track and I feel really good about it! 
It seems like much of life is about getting back but yet still moving forward.
I feel like I am always trying to "get back on track" or " getting back to basics". 
So am I really moving forward or just moving in a hamster wheel?  lol

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