Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creating Life - Christmas Pillow

I was browsing through various sites a few weeks ago looking for some new craft ideas and I came across this free paper piecing pattern from Craft Gossip.com and thought it was so cute.
Then I wondered how it would look using material.   I decided to try it using scraps I had in my fabric box.  I am happy with the outcome
(except the ruffle around the edge....remember I am still learning the art of sewing so don't laugh)
I am planning to make another one but I will go buy some fabric I love rather than using scraps and I think I will make it a little bit bigger.
This was really easy and I could see my daughters making one without sewing it on....just ironing.
I thought about enlarging the pattern but I found it easier to just make it without one. 
I used my Cricut to make the stars.

First I cut piece of material in different lengths and widths and ironed them on to some fusible interfacing.
I used about 4 different patterns for the tree branches and them 3 different color/patterns for the tree decorations.
Don't forget to cut a piece for the trunk.

After cutting, fusing and cutting the material again I started to layout my tree placing the trunk first then adding my first layer of branches.  Once I ironed them and pinned them to the background fabric I sewed around the branches and trunk with a straight stitch.

 I then placed a second layer of branches and sewed.
I continued to layer and sew each branch.  
I had them going different directions to give it a fun fuller feeling.
The more crooked and quirky the better.
 After I finished layering and sewing I added the big star and the little "ornaments".
I sewed around each of them.

Then I made it into a pillow.
My kids love it which makes me one very happy Mom!
I paper piecing projects....especially when I can use the pattern on more than one medium.
Give it a try!

This is my first post in a link party!  Thanks theidearoom!


Deseret said...

Wow Brenda, I love it! I'm super impressed, I could never make that. Awesome job!

SmallAdventures said...

awe thanks Deseret! You are so sweet...I miss you!!!!

Erin said...

Totally cute! I really want to make one. Maybe a late night project!