Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude...feeling it today.

(Graphic from Kolette Hall's Blog "The Art of Choosing Joy")
My heart is tender today...full of gratitude for the blessing of Family!
As we gather with our loved ones I am reminded of the days years ago when I wondered if the reason I wasn't a Mother was because I had done something wrong and infertility was my punishment.  Today as I count the heads of my greatest blessings I am humbled by the love God has for each of His children.   He loves us each so much and wants to give us each special gifts designed by Him.  A loving Father watches over His children and keeps His promises to them.   I know He has kept His promises to me and given Brad and I more than we dreamed!  I Love my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ for the love and wondrous gifts they have given me! 
I no longer wonder what I did wrong.....I know I must have done something right.
Today I give Thanks to the Supreme Giver....I call Father!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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The Loves said...

Brenda - I love, love, love your blog! I am quite "thankful" for people like you and your husband. However, upon my first reading, I was actually filled with feelings akin to coveting... So far, our attempts to either foster/adopt or international adopt have fallen through for the past several years, but your blog makes my heart smile and gives my hope a boost! Please keep blogging and especially giving hints of "who is available"!

Karen Love