Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Count!

In my journey to better health I went to my first appointment with a Physical Therapist for my back and knee.  She was great!  I learned a few of my body's quirks.
1.  My right leg is longer than my left (slightly).
2.  I am very flexible in my legs.  They were so surprised that I could bend over and but my fingers to the floor.  After she discovered my "ability" she referred to my legs as "Gumby". 
3.  My hips are WAY too tight which is where the problem is coming into play. 
4.  My spine is healthy but arches too far.  Another reason my back hurts.
5.  I also found out I have weakness in my left leg.
So after the assessment she put me to work and honestly....it felt good!   I was sore in the end but it was good and I left feeling hopeful!
I get to do exercises twice a day and this week I am to use the bike for 10 minutes a day.  Next week she will give me more to do.   So this week I am counting my physical therapy homework as a blessing.   I feel a renewed sense that I can really change my body and get healthy!  
I just need to work!

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