Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Utah County Voters....

(not yelling...just passionate.)
He we our judge for Ashanti's (Baby A.) case.  He needs to get off the bench.  He doesn't NOT protect children.  Judge Sainsbury let too much time lapse.  Things that could have been done at the begining of Ashanti's case took 8 months to do all because the judge didn't give direction from the bench.  In those 8 months our family bonded to this sweet baby and she bonded to us.   Finally 8 months after she was born her father was finaly told to come out to see her.   He was here for less than 2 weeks and was then given custody.  This could have happened in the first month of her life.    As I talk with other foster parents and case workers I hear similar stories.   
Vote this guy OFF the bench!

She was our judge during "little edwards" case.  She was terrific and the case moved along in a timely manner.  Brad and I both felt she was thinking of our little foster baby above everything else.   He was returned to his parents after they worked hard to get their act together.
Keep Judge Bazzelle on the bench!!! 


Nemmer said...

Oh shoot! I wish I'd known this before I voted. :( The judges are always hard to decide, so I google their names, and decided to vote against a couple that way. But it is so nice to know of real experiences with them to make the decisions. :( I do agree on Judge Bazzelle, but have not worked with Sainsbury at all.

Sheri said...

Actually Brenda, Judge Sainsbury was excellent in our case. I had heard from another foster mom that he was not the best judge, so I didn't have a lot of expectations with the case, however, after 6 months, he was completely finished with the birth parents and their rights were terminated shortly after. I actually think he has gotten a lot harder on these birth parents. He was a pleasure to work with in court and I really thought he was a great Judge. We had Judge Bazzelle on Christian's case and we had him in our home for almost 15 months and then she gave him back to his birth father, not checking him for drugs (since the mother overdosed and died). All Judges have their good and bad cases, but they all have good points about them. Hope this helps.

SmallAdventures said...

Sheri, I am glad someone has had a positive exerience with him. Ours was horrible! The list is long and painful and as I learn more about how Ashanti is doing the more frustrated I feel about it all. I hope more people are having the exerience you had. I am surprised you had a bad experience with Judge Bazzelle but like you said ...they probably all have their good and bad. :) Thanks for helping me keep perspective! :)