Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Count!

Today at my Physical Therapy appointment I got the privilege of using the "Total Gym".
I must say I am impressed!
It hurt sooo good! ;)
I got a good report from my PT.  She sees improvements.  
I am feeling the improvements a little but I am loving the fact that I can finally move my body to exercise!  That has lifted my spirits and given me hope!

Morning and Evening I do:
10 mins on bike
3 sets of 10 marching leg lifts
3 sets of 10 bridge lifts
10 deep breathing exercises
10 seconds of deep lunge while resting back on wall
And then I ice my back.

I am sore..but it is a good kind of feeling!

I am also re-learning how to bend over to pick up toys.
I thought I learned that when I was a preschooler.
Guess I didn't do it right the first time.  :)

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