Friday, November 12, 2010

LDS Family Needed

Contact Kathy Searle at the Utah Adoption Exchange if you are interested in adopting Sophie.
Sophie was born on September 18, 1997 in Vladivostok Russia. Her mother was unable to care for her so she was raised in a Russian orphanage until she was adopted in August of 2001. Her current adoptive family adopted participated in some humanitarian work with “Mothers for the Children of Russia”.
Sophie made the transition from the orphanage to family life quickly.  She learned English at a surprisingly fast rate.  Due to some inaccuracies with the paperwork in Russia she was put in kindergarten earlier than she should have. This resulted in her repeating kindergarten.  She was in regular classes until 3rd grade when she was moved to a “cluster class” that could help more closely with the learning challenges that she brought with her from the orphanage.  The closer supervision of the cluster class has allowed her to learn at the pace that she needs. Sophie is now a couple of months into 7th grade.         
Sophie enjoys outside activities such as riding her bike and scooter, jumping on the trampoline (flips included) playing soccer and basketball.  Her favorite is playing “horse” where her good shot with a basketball makes it not matter that she is shorter than average. She loves a swimming pool, particularly ones that have slides and water toys to play on.   Inside, she likes doing word search puzzles.  She enjoys video games like any kid, but mostly the more active ones like baseball, bowling and boxing on the Wii.  She is just beginning on the piano, but has an innate musical desire. In one visit to the orphanage, she was given the choice to play with any toy available and she chose the xylophone.  While that talent is not developed there yet, the desire is in her. 
Soon after Sophie’s adoption, an auto accident started a long journey with a rare autoimmune disease in her new adoptive mother.   This condition causes her mom to be in bed much of the time and on oxygen. Stress increases her symptoms. Sophie has had a difficult time with her mothers’ illness and has great fears of loosing her mother. She has been diagnosed with attachment issues. Because of her mother’s illness Sophie was with a respite family for 6 months last year and did very well. When she returned home attachments issues resurfaced and her mothers health also declined.        
Sophie has been with a respite family for 3 months now and has done quite well. She needs a family that can love her and dedicate themselves to helping her flourish.   This family would not be looking for another adoptive home if the adoptive mothers’ health was not so precarious. They feel they don’t have the emotional and physical resources to truly give her what she needs.


Mariel said...


My dad (Steve Sunday, LDS Family Services) forwarded this article to me. I'll feature her in the "spotlight" on "Or so she says..." next Sunday.


SmallAdventures said...

Thank you soo much Mariel! You have an awesome blog with lots of traffic and I think that would help in finding a family for the sweet girl!
By the way your Dad is awesome!!! Brad and I have learned so much from him as we have served with him in FSA! :)

Thanks for helping me spread the word about Sophie!
:) Brenda