Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Creating Life - A Fresh Start

fresh start - an opportunity to start over without prejudice

This (dated) family picture sits in our family room.  It used to be in a little black frame that was once cute but now is broken from being dropped more than once.   I went to a Christmas Party on the 17th and won this frame during a white elephant game.  It had a picture of a little bird (who looked a little angry) on an old doorknob.  While the picture had some charm the frame made me giddy!  I decided it would house our family picture beautifully...especially when we get a new family picture!   Changing the image inside gave the frame new life and where it once sat in an office and became old and tiresome it is now being seen as a beautiful addition to our family room.
I have been thinking about  the idea of making things new and I realized how much I love a fresh start!
Every morning is a fresh start, I see clean dishes as a fresh start and I love the smell of fresh on my laundry (I am a little obsessed with it actually.....If I can smell any sour smell on my towels they go in again and I always add a little bleach no matter what color my towels or sheets are).  I love getting a fresh start when I have done something wrong and lets just say that has happened more times than I wish to remember.  

When I was young I was so embarrassed if my parents purchased something at our local Desert Industries (DI).   Or worse...if they wanted me to wear something they bought at the DI.   To me it was the "poor" families store.   So I get teased as I have grown older and wiser and have come to love the DI more than almost any other store!  I could spend hours in there looking for treasures.  Recently I went on one such expedition to our local DI and I found 60 bucks worth of treasures.   I am in the process of giving each one a Fresh Start and as I finish them I will share it with you.
I guess I kind of look at the DI as a store with a bunch of "fresh starts" just waiting to be given a chance.

I just finished giving these letters a face lift.   They are 12 inches high so they are not small and it was no easy task getting the Mod Podge and thick paper off.   I had to soak them in warm water to get the first layer of paper off and then I had to take a hand sander to get the rest off and it was more work than I imagined.   I only paid 2 bucks for the whole word so I reminded myself it was worth it.  This paper is wrapped around the front and sides of the letters and they must have used a whole bottle of Mod Podge.  
 Here is my finished project.  I apologize for the dulled image...I used a flash when I shouldn't have.  The colors are much brighter and fun than they appear.  for the picture I sat them on this little shelf but when they are finally placed  in Camden and Spencer's room they will be on a bigger shelf.  We are in the process of changing rooms and I have lots of painting to do so these letters will be put away for a while but I wanted to share my latest "fresh start" project with you.

Speaking of "Play".
My kids are having a grand time being home from school.
While it may be more chaotic when they are all home during the day it sure is fun to see them playing like this!

Haley took these pictures of Spencer.
He looks like he is telling someone a few things.  lol
Christmas is a great time to start fresh and begin to create the life we dream in our hearts and minds.  I seem to ponder how I use my time and if my loved ones know they are loved.  I realize New Years is usually the time people think of goals and fresh starts...but for me those thoughts come as I ponder over things at Christmas.
Especially this year.

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