Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creating Life - "Daughter of a Heavenly King" Activity

There is a sweet childrens book titled "The Daughter of a King".
It talks about how we are all Prince and Princesses because we come from Our Heavenly Father.  It talks about remembering to act like a Princess.   Today I read this story at the beginning of our Activity.    I then spoke to the girls about how they are like the girl int he story...they are each Princesses.   I shared with them some thoughts on topics like:
Keeping our bodies clean in and out.  -Hygiene, modesty, staying away from harmful substances.
Being polite and kind to others.  - Showing respect to parents, teachers and friends.  Using the golden rule "Do Unto Others As you Would Have Others Do Unto You".   And using terms like please and thank you.
Table Manners - not talking with our mouths full of food,  not "floating" our food down with a drink, not reaching over someones plate.
We discussed how we would act if we were at a dinner table with our Heavenly Father.
That seemed to get the point across pretty well.  :)

After our discussion we used this template from to teach them how to properly set a table.

I used this huge book as a resource in preparing for this activity.

Photo from Amazon
This was great for Activity Days but it would also make a great Family Home Evening Lesson or you could go further with it and use it for a Princess Party.
Later this month we are using the theme "Daughter of a Heavenly King" for a Recognition Dinner for the Activity Day girls.
I will post details and pictures about that on Jan 19th.

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