Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Count! My journey to a better me.

I think I should rename my blog..."the crazy life of Brenda".  You may or may not have noticed I kind of stopped posting the "I Count" segment the past 6 weeks or so.  After my car accident in November my exercising stopped.  I was too sore physically and too emotionally bruised to think about getting off my "pockets" and working out.   I cried the first week, and have felt a myriad of feelings for 2 more weeks after that.   While I am still afraid to drive much I am feeling better on many levels.   I was pretty good about watching what I was eating and FINALLY dropped about 5 pounds but I haven't been on the scale since Santa left such yummy treats in my stocking so who knows whether or not those 5 pounds came back on.   I am relieved to see that I can lose weight...I was beginning to wonder.  :)

I have many things happening this month...fun things and hard things.   Spencer burned his hand on a flat iron and needs daily changing of the bandages (a story for a different post) and I am in charge of 3 Activity Days for the 8-11 year old girls in our LDS ward.  We are holding a recognition dinner as one of the activities so there is much to prepare for but I am not going to let myself get out of my exercises.   I feel so much better when I do them and now Brenley is jumping in on the fun and joining me in the morning for some cardio and stretches.   I am excited about having her be part of this with me.  It is more fun than doing it alone.  :)
Brenley is also a great inspiration.  She started Karate recently and yesterday as I watched her during her class I was so impressed by her desire to get it right, taking it seriously and giving it 100%!   She did an awesome 100 jumping jacks and that was just in the first 5 minutes of class.  
What can I say...my girl knows how to kick it up!  ;)

With this new year I am excited to start fresh, stop making excuses and push on towards a better me!

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