Monday, January 17, 2011

Matching Mondays

When I start browsing around to find waiting children I normally start with the recently added to gallery link.  For the past few weeks there hasn't been any new faces.   Today I thought for sure there would be but nope!  I am hoping that the fact that there haven't been any new faces for 3 weeks means something positive is happening in the world of foster care.  

On a different topic...If you are working on your taxes and have adopted this past year here is something that might come in handy.  Adoption Tax Credit for Families

Also this past thursday I posted some Questions and Answers about adopting waiting children.
  Take a peek and see if it answers some of the questions you might have.

RJ age 15.
Please take time to read his profile. 
There is something about him that makes me feel he would make a great addition to a special family!

Spence -Chapin has 3 babies in need of families. 

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